Frugal Travel Tips

The truth is, I haven’t done a lot of travelling (I supposed you could call that my number one frugal travel tip – don’t travel much! :P). However, I’ve done a few small trips that I’ve planned and been on larger trips with my family (and my mom, the ultimate frugalista), so I feel mildly… Read More Frugal Travel Tips

Checking Back In

Hi everyone. I’m still here. Still alive, and still thinking about this blog. I just haven’t posted in forever. My life has been a crazy whirlwind over the last two months and lots of my normal things, like writing, have fallen by the wayside. August was basically dominated by my trip to Europe, which was… Read More Checking Back In

Mini Rant

I spent way too much time today talking to people in common-law relationships who have never even broached the subject of finances with their partners. What on earth??!?! For the love of the Flying Spaghetti Monster people, if you’re in a serious relationship and reading this – get off the internet and start talking about… Read More Mini Rant