Our Uber Frugal July and Beyond

As I mentioned in my last post, Jordan and I did the Frugalwoods Uber Frugal Month challenge for July. Unlike January, we were able to do the challenge for the whole month! It was an interesting experiment and we definitely learned a lot from it. ย I wanted to give you all a quick update about how it went, what our highs and lows were, and what the outcome was for us. I realize that this is super late, but better late than never, right?

Overall, we both think the month went really well. We had a lot of great frugal wins, such as using a gift card to get a new bathmat, and getting really good at making homemade cold brew. We were also able to be super savvy and spend $16 for a week of groceries, thanks to super skilled meal planning and redeeming our Superstore points.

We definitely had some challenges as well. We had some food waste, which is basically just throwing away money, and some unexpected car maintenance. We also realized we had a lack of understanding on a few items and had a few fights about it as a result (Q: What do you fight about when you’re a frugal couple? A: Whether or not you’re being frugal enough). Overall though, we think July went really well.

July definitely kickstarted us into being more frugal and developing better habits. We committed to continuing in August, September, and October, and we have. We’ve gotten our debt repayment and savings rate up to 46% of our take-home pay! We’ve been better about meal planning, spend way less on food now, are coming in under budget every single month. ย This challenge also helped us have a lot of conversations about what we want to do with our money and our lives, which has made us closer. We are more on the same page than ever before and looking forward to continuing this lifestyle together.


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