Checking Back In

Hi everyone. I’m still here. Still alive, and still thinking about this blog. I just haven’t posted in forever. My life has been a crazy whirlwind over the last two months and lots of my normal things, like writing, have fallen by the wayside.

August was basically dominated by my trip to Europe, which was fantastic. It was an amazing, life-changing 9 days. I am so so so grateful that my mom was able to take us on that trip. The experiences we had were invaluable. And don’t worry, I plan to write about ways to travel on the cheap soon!

However, while I was in Europe, Jordan got a job offer in Calgary. This whole situation has been very bittersweet.Β I am, of course, thrilled that he got a job in his field at a time when those are very hard to come by. It’s absolutely the best thing for him, but it is so hard for me. Long-distance was so hard for me the last time we did it. September was basically us dealing with the implications of the fact that he is going to have to move and we will have to do the long-distance relationship thing again for a few months. So in September, I basically spent all my free time with Jordan (to the point where I’m a little teensy bit glad he’s gone, because it means I am finally getting some alone time).

Throughout all of this upheaval, my finances have not been doing the best. I only spent 75% of my budget for my Europe trip and was able to sock the rest away into savings. However, my personal budgets for both August and September went over, which I’m not proud of. I’m writing about it here so that you all can see that even though I write about finances, I’m far from perfect with my own. When my life started to get more tumultuous and I started to struggle emotionally, I started to check out of dealing with my finances. This has happened to me before, but I still got sucked back into that pattern again. That’s a big part of why I haven’t been writing. It’s hard to keep up with and write for a personal finance blog when the last thing you are thinking about or managing well is your own finances.

That all being said, I am finally starting to feel like my life is adjusting to it’s new normal. It’s been a week since Jordan moved out and I’ve gotten a lot of good alone time, which has allowed me to properly process a lot of my feelings. I’m started to check back in and get back on track with my finances, and I’ve felt motivated to write again as well. So hello again. It’s good to be back.


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