2nd Quarter Reflections and 3rd Quarter Goals

As I shared earlier this year, I am setting quarterly goals for myself instead of yearly ones. I am wanting to be more intentional with big picture things, in both my finances and the rest of my life. In April, I shared the goals I set myself for the second quarter. Now that the second quarter of the year has come and gone, I wanted to take some time to reflect on the goals I set for myself.

Financial goals:

  • Increase my savings rate to 25% of my take-home pay. – Done and done! I was under that amount in April but went way above it in May and maxed out at 42.1% savings in June. (For an explanation of why my savings increased so much, see my May Savings post.)
  • Sit down with Jordan and evaluate the system we are using to share our finances. – Done! We went through everything at the end of April and are keeping the same system, with minor tweaks to our budget.
  • Continue saving for our wedding. – Done! I’m happy to report that we’ve saved 67% of our wedding budget on our own so far!

Personal and career goals:

  • Finish 1 database mini course – With all the other things going on, this has completely fallen off the radar. Jordan and I have talked about doing these courses together in the future though.
  • Write 2 blog posts per month. – Done and then some! I’ve practically been prolific here recently 😛
  • Read Becoming an Ally by Anne Bishop – Another thing that has fallen off the radar. It’s on my to-do list for the next quarter though.
  • Successfully volunteer with the Western Canadian Youth Parliament in May. – Done! It was a great event and I had a fabulous time!


Going forward I’m looking to keep on track with my financial goals (which haven’t changed much) and to hopefully gain some traction on my personal goals over the summer. My goals for the third quarter are as follows:

Financial goals:

  • Save 30%+ of my take-home pay every month.
  • Stay at or under budget on my Europe trip in August.
  • Continue to save for the wedding.

Personal goals:

  • Complete 1 database mini course
  • Practice French on Duolingo every day before I go on my trip.
  • Read Becoming an Ally by Anne Bishop
  • Make a summer bucket list, to enjoy as much of the glorious summer in Edmonton as possible

How about you? How is progress on your goals going? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.




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