What I’m Reading This Week

Hello lovelies. I’ve been consuming a lot of media related to personal finances and thought that you might like to look at some of it as well.

First off, Joshua at Becoming Minimalist talks about ways to start having conversations about personal finances with your friends and family. I think that this is such an important thing we need to be discussing with our loved ones and agree that we need to do more. I have (both intentionally and unintentionally) built relationships where I can talk in detail about my finances. Having those relationships  feels incredibly liberating and they have been an important part of my financial journey.

An anonymous author at The Atlantic talks about how he is one of the 47% of Americans who would struggle to cover a $400 emergency. It’s an interesting article because he dives into the causes and implications of financial insecurity at both personal and macro levels. I wonder what the stats he cites would be like for Canada. Does anyone have any leads on those?

Trent at the Simple Dollar talks about his ten best pieces of financial advice for newlyweds, starting with being 100% honest about your spending with each other. There’s not a single thing on his list that I disagree with. I definitely think this is good reading for anyone who’s part of a serious couple, newlyweds or not.

Bridget from Money After Graduation talks about retirement savings in your 20s. She recommends that you should aim to have a years salary saved for retirement by age 30. If that’s the case, I definitely still have some work to do!


That’s all I have for today. I hope you’re enjoying your weekends. If you have any interesting articles you’ve been reading and think I should check out, please feel free to link to them in the comments.





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