April Savings

I feel like April went by in a bit of a blur. It was another hectic month but thankfully not nearly as stressful as March was for me. There was also lots of celebrating, as Jordan finished his degree! Now he is job searching like crazy and I am very very grateful that I have a permanent position at my work, to give us some stability right now.

I feel like I did pretty well financially in April. Jordan and I went a bit over budget on our shared expenses, largely due to the fact that we paid for a year of tenants insurance in one go. Overall though, I still managed to save lots and came out under budget at the end of the month. I also finally got around to setting up index funds in my RRSP (something I’ve been meaning to do for months) and started investing in those. Here’s how my savings broke down for April (as a % of my take-home pay):

  • RRSP – 7.5%
  • Paris – 7.5%
  • Wedding – 9.0%
  • Total: 24%

I’m pleased with my savings rate in April. It’s 1% shy of my 25% savings goal but I can totally live with that.

What about you? How were your finances in April?



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