Second Quarter Goals

This post is a lot later than I would like it to be. Honestly, I’ve been really struggling to write. It’s been a very hectic couple of months for me and I feel like it’s caught up to me in the last two weeks. I’ve been stressed, cranky, and just plain exhausted. It’s been really hard to do much of anything at night, besides working out and watching tv, hence why this post is later than I would like. It’s been a pretty tough stretch, so thank you to all of you that have been bearing with me.

As I shared earlier, I’m choosing to set quarterly goals for myself this year. I want to be more intentional with big picture things for my finances, my personal life, and my career. However, this year has the potential to be a fairly tumultuous one for me (my fiancee is convocating and applying for jobs just about everywhere), so it didn’t feel right to plan too far in advance. I was inspired by Cait from Blonde on a Budget, who was feeling similar things about the tumultuous nature of life; she decided to set 90-day goals this year. I decided to follow in her footsteps and do a similar thing. If you want to read about my goals for the first quarter and my progress on them, go here. My goals for the second quarter of 2016 are below. I’ve decided to put financial goals in their own category, separate from other goals, since the focus of this blog is on frugality and, by extension, finances.

Financial goals:

  • Increase my savings rate to 25% of my take-home pay.
  • Sit down with Jordan and evaluate the system we are using to share our finances.
  • Continue saving for our wedding.


Personal and career goals:

  • Finish 1 database mini course
  • Write 2 blog posts per month
  • Read Becoming an Ally by Anne Bishop
  • Successfully volunteer with the Western Canadian Youth Parliament in May


And with that, I’m done this post and I turn it over to you. What are your goals like for the month, quarter, or year? How are you doing on them?


3 thoughts on “Second Quarter Goals

    1. I haven’t really researched it; we mostly came up with our current system ourselves. You’ve got me thinking that I should write about our current system though! And research others for a post.


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