March Savings & First Quarter Goals

March was a really tumultuous month for me. I had lots of big changes at work (both good and bad), a much needed vacation in Victoria, and the ups and downs of the Easter weekend. It felt like a very intense month and like things went by really really fast. So I was really surprised at how well I did financially this month. I expected to do ok, but not as well as I did. Jordan and I came in under-budget on our shared expenses by a little over 10%. With that and some other savings I realized, I was able to save 22.5% of my take-home pay!! (after 10% deductions for my work pension plan) That is the highest savings rate I’ve had since I started tracking my savings! I am so proud of myself!! Especially when I think about the fact that I achieved this savings rate and took a trip this month. March was a very good month financially.

Here’s how my savings broke down:

  • RRSP  – 9.4%
  • Paris Trip – 1.9%
  • Wedding – 11.2%
  • Total: 22.5%


Being that it’s the end of March, it’s also the end of the first quarter of the year and time for me to review the goals I set for myself.

Personal finance goals:

  • Finish my emergency fund – Done!
  • Boost retirement savings (after automatic pension deductions) to 5% of my income – Done and then some! This month was 9.4% of my take-home pay, for a total of 23.2% of my gross pay being put into retirement savings (personal and work pension plan).
  • Start saving for our wedding – Done! When you factor in all the generous contributions our family is making towards our wedding, we have more than half the money we need in the bank.
  • That Jordan and I will stay on budget for our shared expenses – We have been doing so well at this. We’ve actually come in under-budget most months. I love that I’ve got him on the frugal bandwagon too!

Personal goals:

  • Complete three database mini courses from Stanford Lagunita Online – Not so much. I got one done though, so that’s something.
  • Write at least two blog posts per month – Done and done. Having this as a goal that I’ve shared here has actually made me much more motivated to write regularly.
  • Complete my social work practice review and goal setting for the year – Done.
  • Read Becoming an Ally by Anne Bishop – I’ve read the first 2 chapters. It’s a start.


How was your March and first quarter? Any updates you’d like to share?


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