A Frugal Halloween

Halloween 2015!

Jordan and I had a lot of fun going out for Halloween last year and we wanted to do it again this year. However, we had an unpleasant reality check when we went shopping for costumes. They are expensive! We saw ones that would cost each of us easily over $50 for something we would wear for a few hours at most. We talked about it and decided that we wanted to dress up, but we didn’t want to spend a lot on costumes. So, we took the challenge upon ourselves to have great costumes without the hefty price tag.

How did we do it? Jordan already had his Batman shirt and cape from last year, so he opted just to buy a new mask and reuse his old costume. I think it cost him maybe $10. I decided to go as the Catwoman to his Batman. I actually had lots of fun trying to source my costume on the cheap. I wore a tank top, leggings, and boots that I already owned. I got the mask and gloves at the dollar store and my cat ears from Walmart. Total cost for me: $15.

As you can see, we looked pretty good. We had tons of fun dressing up and going out together. I’m posting this because I think it’s important to show that you don’t need to do what other people think is “the thing” to do (in this case, buying expensive costumes) or have the “right” clothes (again, expensive costumes) in order to participate in something and have fun. We sourced our costumes on the cheap, had a great time, and got tons of compliments on our looks. You too can take an event and employ a little creativity to make it work for your interests, values, and budget. Making those choices for yourself, rather than going with what others might expect of you, is really what living a great, frugal life is all about.



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