August Spending Challenge Review

So now that August is over and I’m back from my vacation, I am finally getting to sit down and write about how my August spending challenge went. Overall, I did ok. Not as well as I had hoped but ok. I came in under- or on-budget for everything that I had budgeted for (groceries, Folk Fest, my birthday). I drastically reduced the amount of food I ate out and the amount of shopping I did on a whim, which were both good habits to change. I hope to maintain these changes going forward.

I did struggle a bit, however, with discretionary spending. Some expenses were unavoidable, like getting new sandals when mine broke or paying for my dentist appointment. Others, however, were not. I did grab lunch out at work a couple of times, when I had gotten to busy to make meals at home properly.  There was one specific time where I got very stressed out at work and went shopping to make myself feel better. I’m not sure what to do to replace that for when those moments happen, but I do recognize that it’s a problem. I am working on reducing my stress at work but I’m open to other suggestions if you have them!

I also caved towards the end of the month and spend money on a couple of things I had put on my no-no list: a bottle of wine and going out with a friend. I’ve decided to change my September budget to include small amounts for both of these things. I know that I do better when I have small set budgets for individual things like that, rather than eliminating them altogether. I especially don’t want to continue to ask my friends to only hang out with me at my house or on walks. Not that those both aren’t lovely, but having an active social life is important to me and I want my budget to reflect that. Am I going to spend a lot on going out in September?  No, probably not. I want to find ways to go out with my friends that are affordable for me but still allow me to enjoy my time with them.

Overall, as I said, I did ok. Not as well as I had hoped, but I do generally hope for perfection from myself. Knowing that that’s unachievable, I am content with how I did in August.



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