August Spending Update

Well, I meant to do an update on my August spending challenge a lot sooner, but then life happened. I’ve spent the past two weeks processing getting engaged, celebrating my birthday, and seeing my family. It’s been a great month, but it means that this post is late.

So, how am I doing so far? I came in under-budget for both the Folk Fest and my birthday, which felt really good. I was able to have a really great time at each event, not feel like I was stinting, and still stay under budget. I think I budgeted really well for both of those things and I’m happy about that. My discretionary spending, however, has definitely been higher than I wanted it to be. A few things were unavoidable – losing my nose ring, a dentist appointment, replacing my broken sandals – but I’ve definitely fallen off the no-spend wagon several times. I bought a fancy new hair product when I got my hair cut, grabbed lunch out a couple of times, and bought a bottle of wine. That all being said, it’s definitely a lot less discretionary spending than I had last month, so I’m ok with things. Even though I wasn’t able to meet the no-spend challenge I set for myself, I’m still doing a lot better than I would have if I didn’t do the challenge to motivate me. Overall, I’m pleased with how things are going so far.

Now I’m off to cross-stitch and catch up on Bachelor in Paradise. Cheers!



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