Big Life News

Jordan and I are engaged! Whee!! It’s a super exciting time of life for both of us. Every day he makes me more and more certain that he’s the right one for me.

We’ve started to talk a little teensy tiny bit about wedding planning. We both really want to have a wedding that’s meaningful and in line with our values, but that also doesn’t cost a bajillion dollars. I’ve been (re)reading posts on A Practical Wedding (not that I’ve been reading it for years or anything …). I’ve been trying to avoid traditional wedding media. Traditional wedding media tells me that I need ALL THE THINGS regardless of cost and that I need to CARE DEEPLY ABOUT ALL THE THINGS. Don’t you know that TABLE RUNNERS ARE IMPORTANT??!?!?!!

Truthfully, planning a wedding like that sounds exhausting. So I’ll be over here with my feminist wedding blog and a cocktail, chilling out caring about what I thought was long-dead family drama instead. Priorities. (Side note: I need to get a bottle of family-drama-bourbon. This should be a thing.)

When it’s all said and done, what’s important is that I marry Jordan and that the people closest to us are there to watch. That’s what I’m excited about.



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