August Update

As of this morning, the last debt repayment cheque has cleared my bank account and I am debt free!! This is an amazing feeling. I have been in debt because of student loans for over five years. I’ve been steadily repaying my loans since I graduated and have paid everything back in just under two years. Now I’m done! I am so happy and so proud of myself.

I also wanted to post a quick update on the August spending challenge, before I dive headfirst into the glorious madness of the Folk Fest today. Things have been going really well. My discretionary spending for the month is at a grand total of $2.50, since I didn’t bring quite enough food to work one day. That’s it. I think I’m doing really well so far and I’m happy with it.

That all being said, it’s been hard at times. I’m definitely noticing just how much of a habit consuming and buying things is for me. I’ve had to stop myself several times from just “running to the mall”. I’ve also noticed that I spend a lot of time thinking about how “if I could buy this new/different thing, it would change this other thing.” It’s definitely been interesting noting these thought patterns and working to challenge them. I’m glad that I am taking this spending break, since stepping back is allowing me to notice these habits and thought patterns and begin to think about how I would like to change them.

That’s all of now. I’m off to immerse myself in the gloriousness that is the Edmonton Folk Fest for the next four days. Ciao!



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